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Every teacher at Mission Yoga teacher has completed a Yoga Alliance approved 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and continued to complete higher-level educational courses in various movement modalities. Including but not limited to XPT Breathwork Coaching, Meditation Mastery Courses, Animal Flow, Functional Range Conditioning, and more. The beautiful thing about our teaching staff is their endless commitment to professional development and refining their craft. Each one of the Mission Yoga instructors infuses their own unique talents, insights, and strengths into their classes so you leave feeling even more inspired than when you first stepped onto your mat.

Shay Palmer


Entrepreneur, E-RYT 500, YACEP Provider, FRCms (mobility specialist), lululemon Ambassador 

Shay is the founder and owner of Mission Yoga in Oakland Park. Shay's passion lies in helping people feel their best through movement with a combination of research-based approaches, traditional practices, and over 13 years' teaching experience. She is dedicated to a life of service and making a lasting impact in her community by empowering people with tools to support their overall health and longevity.   

Shay grew up as a competitive athlete and played tennis in college, which has influenced her teaching to be strongly rooted in anatomy and mental resilience. Shay’s teaching methodology combines the science of movement all the while staying true to the philosophical core of yoga. She works closely with professional athletes across various leagues to elevate their game through sports-specific movement, injury prevention and corrective exercises as well as breathwork techniques. Shay’s approach is to build dynamic movement patterns and strengthen neuromuscular connections, on and off the mat.  

She was first introduced to yoga in 2008. She fell in love with practice because of the mind-body connection and how it challenged her physically and mentally. In 2011, Shay completed her first 200hr yoga certification course. She dove headfirst into teaching yoga as a full-time career and quickly built up a thriving community base in South Florida. In 2014, she completed a 1 year, 300hr Certification Course under direct mentorship from her teacher, a lifelong yogi and monk. In 2015, she co-facilitated certification courses with her mentor, who eventually asked her to write her own curriculum. In 2018, Shay began offering her own Yoga Alliance certification programs with a unique focus.  

In 2019, she set out on a “MISSION” to open her own facility that could bring her vision of movement and community to life. To Shay, Mission Yoga is more than a yoga studio, it’s a lifestyle inspired by movement, connection, and community. Mission Yoga is a non-heated, community driven and anatomy-focused yoga studio. Shay is dedicated to building a strong team of educators who support a thriving community; therefore, her studio brings in some of the foremost experts in their field to share their passions and talents. Shay is on a mission to help people thrive and live their best lives, one movement practice at a time.

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