Cancellation Policy

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Cancellation Policy

Early registration is highly encouraged. We love to know ahead of time who we’re practicing with that day 🙂 If you cannot early register from your device, give us a call and we will book your class for you. We also understand that plans change. To be as fair and as consistent as possible, we’ve established these cancellation policies that takes into consideration the student, the studio, and the teacher.  

Self-Cancel Procedures and Policies: 

You may self-cancel up to one-hour before the scheduled start time of any class. Simply use the Mindbody app to self-cancel. If you used a drop-in or 10-pack option, that class credit will remain on your account, and will be automatically applied the next time you register for a regular group class. If you are an Unlimited Member, nothing happens. 

Late-Cancel/No-Show Procedures and Policies: 

If you fail to cancel your reservation before the end of the one-hour window, or don’t show up, you will be late cancelled from the class roster. If you used a drop-in or 10-pack option, the credit is forfeited.  If you are an M.Y. Unlimited Member, a $11 fee will be assessed. No credit or refund is available if you fail to early-cancel, or if you do not show up for class. 

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